Information.  Inspiration.  Transformation.


That's what Real Healthy Women is all about. Supporting women to create a clean and sexy lifestyle and get their groove back!


I'm Christi Cass – wife, mom to two teenagers, friend and an Integrative Nutrition & AADP Certified Health Coach.

Yeah, I talk a lot about nutrition, but there's really so much more to being healthy and transforming into the very best version of you. It's about getting up everyday and doing what it takes to fill your cup….Taking the very best care of YOU. 


The only way we are able to take care of the people we love is by taking loving care of ourselves first.


To be truly healthy, you must learn how to nourish your body, your mind and your soul.  Every single day.


At Real Healthy Women you will find a new way to live… free from dieting and restrictions. 


We are REAL women – not perfect women.